An Eye Opening Experience

I’m making progress! Thanks to the exercises from the websites posted in yesterday’s entry, I am able to see a colored auric outline around a brightly colored object. I saw the yellow outline around a blue gift bag, and the lime green outline around a bright red object that was an art project painted by my daughter last year. I’m going to grab a bunch of brightly colored toys and play around some more in a little while.

Also, last night I think I started to see a faint greenish tint to my own auric outline in the bathroom mirror. (By the way, green is good – not a sickly color. Green is the color of a healer, and the color of the heart chakra – representing empathy and feelings of love.) The concentration techniques and exercises in those two websites really helped me to focus in just the right way, and it’s really neat! I am more confident that this energetic sight will continue to develop, through my practice and intent.

And I need to add, that I stand corrected. Objects DO have auras!! So if you’ve read my post from January, The Aura of a Chair where I was disappointed because I saw the faint aura outline of a chair, and had been under the impression that if I saw an inanimate object’s aura, it wasn’t a real aura because only living things have auras. I’m wrong. Everything has an aura. Living things have living auras, though, which change, grow, and are connected to the living thing’s energy system, and are affected by emotional, spiritual and physical experiences. Sometimes it’s good to be wrong, because it means I was right, even though I didn’t believe it then.

Soon I’ll be looking to send distance Chios Healing. Stay tuned for the announcement, and then please contact me if you’re willing to help me practice and receive a free distance Chios Healing session!


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