Channeling Healing and Receiving Guidance – Different Frequencies

I’ve been made aware recently that channeling energy healing is about being a channel for the energy to flow through us to the recipient of the healing energy. This is about being open, like a straw, so the energy can get through. Higher beings perform the healing.

Attempting to channel information from one’s spirit
requires one to raise one’s energetic vibration (through meditation) towards the higher frequency of higher beings (who lower theirs in order to communicate with us) and receive the messages that our guides transmit to us.

Sometimes what happens with me is overlap. I mean that when I’m channeling healing, or getting ready to channel an attunement, I meditate quietly to feel the energy and get in touch with the mindset for setting my intention. The act of meditating in this way, and the meditative state I get into when channeling energy gets me in touch with my higher self and I receive messages, or ask questions and intuit an answer. Also, many Reiki practitioners receive messages from the recipient’s guides during a healing sesion.

But I’ve been told that channeling healing and messages are not necessarily meant to be done together. In other words, if the intent is to communicate with guides, one should be meditating and not involved in healing. If the intent is to channel healing, one should be simply open to being the channel, and any messages that are received are part of that. It’s subtle, a little confusing, and an interesting point.

Where did I get these ideas? I exchanged a reading for channeling a Tachyon attunement with spiritualist medium Merita King and this is what her reading told me, as channeled through a guide of mine. I thought it was interesting enough to share, and for those interested, Merita offers free readings for an exchange of the recipient’s choice (i.e. donation or as the recipient feels moved to reciprocate). She’s got insight and integrity.


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