Distance Reiki

Today, for the first time I sent distance Reiki in response to a request on a message board. The request was from a cousin of the person, who is in the hospital with a high fever and infection. I had the person’s name, age, and state.

I did the distance symbol and intended that the energy go to the person, for his highest good. I scanned, and immediately upon visualizing his head, my palm got hot – as if I was feeling the head of a person with a high fever! I know that even if I hadn’t known in advance that he had a fever, my hand would have told me! I sent energy to his head, heart, and back. My hands were very hot at his head and heart, and tingly at his back.

It was amazing. I emailed to say that I had sent Reiki. I am thrilled to know that I can be a help to people in this way. It feels great to channel healing energy to someone who needs it. I love Reiki!!


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