Doing Attunements

I’ve been practicing doing attunements on my kids, who were already previously attuned to Reiki. Each of them has let me re-attune them to the level they are already at, for my own practice.

And tonight, da-da-da-da!!! I attuned my husband, who has not only never been attuned, but has been ambivalent about Reiki for a long time. Now he has the ability to channel Reiki when he wants to, and I am sure that he will try it out from time to time out of his own curiosity, whether he lets me know about it or not. I think his interest was a little piqued after I took the Master level class over the weekend, at which I was granted the ability and qualification to do attunements. He was very willing to let me attune him, and I was determined to go a good job, so I practiced on my kids first. My kids were ever happy to let me, and I’m grateful for their wonderful attitudes.

The attunement process is a pretty complicated one, with lots of steps and things to remember, and some rituals like drawing symbols and blowing breath that can seem like a lot of mumbo jumbo to someone new to this. I appreciate my darling husband’s willingness to put aside the weirdness of those things and let me do this to him, without laughing, skoffing, or even raising an eyebrow. I know that I did something wonderful for him. I imagine that one day he will think so too. I hope so.

I also know that when I was Reiki I, I wasn’t particularly impressed too often with the strength of the Reiki I channeled, though I did do self-treatments every night to help me relax throughout my pregnancy. There were a couple of occasions in which I felt certain that Reiki helped me, but it wasn’t all the time like it is for me now. Along those lines, I hope that my husband’s Reiki I attunement is enough for him to feel something, anything, different, and not to dismiss it again as something that doesn’t work, or that he would think my attunement didn’t work, or anything along those lines. I don’t expect this attunement to give him instant buy-in.

But it IS a step in the right direction. For that, I’m very, very grateful.

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