Energetic Experiences of Late

I thought I’d post today about some interesting experiences I’ve had lately with Reiki and energy healing.

  • Last weekend, my husband and I went to my 20th High School reuinion (yes, folks, do the math, I’m getting old!). The food was…well not so great. My dear hubby ended up with a stomach ache that night. I offered him Reiki and he said ok. So I sent him some Reiki for his tummy troubles while he rested on our bed. As I channeled Reiki, with my eyes closed, I had a picture enter my head of black/grey smoke coming from his stomach. I kept sending the energy there and the smoke stopped coming out. Then he said he felt better.

  • I’m working with some students in my Distance Healing Tutorial and one of my students scanned and sent me Reiki. We exchanged feedback, and we both noted that she had sensed my head cold and some digestive issues I’ve been having, and sent extra Reiki to both places, leaving me more energized and breathing better. The experience was notable because it allowed my student to realize that 1) her senses are reporting accurate information, and 2) her recipient feels and benefits from the Reiki she channels. That’s the point of the tutorial, to validate and strengthen energy healers’ confidence in channeling Reiki to help others. Anyone interested in the Distance Healing Tutorial may click the link above or email me for more information.

  • I am finding the Tachyon energy to be beneficial when channeling Reiki. I just rub some Tachyon charged oil on my hands and when I call in the energy to channel it, the sensations seem stronger to me than before. Tachyon energy requires one attunement, and enables one to charge objects or liquids with Tachyon, which turns to life force energy to increase and intensify energy healing. It also can be very energizing in general. If anyone wants more information, please email me. I give Tachyon attunements for $25 or $18 if I have attuned you to Kundalini Reiki.

  • I am going to be teaching a High School course (supplemental education from 6-8 pm one night a week) called Seeking Connections. It’s about finding alternative ways to feel a connection to spirituality – something outside oneself. By alternative, I mean something different from traditional worship services. This is a course in a Jewish educational program. I’m going to include Reiki, meditation, yoga, creative prayer, chanting, nature walks, and music in the curriculum. In planning my course, I’ve been thinking about the things I will say about Reiki and how to help students understand what I’ve come to realize. Reiki has really changed the way I understand life – it showed me that there really is more to life than what I had been experiencing before – something outside myself and a way to help others that I never knew was there. It’s been a profound learning experience and I am eager to bring it to my students. I’m a very down-to-earth person, and so I expect my students to be able to relate to me, even as I am talking about something that may seem supernatural to most of them. I will be prepared with source materials and reference sources for them to find more information on each. I will also include guests who are experts in the community. I hope it goes well. I’ll keep you posted.

  • Speaking of Tachyon energy, Ole Gabrielson (founder of Kundalini Reiki and the Tachyon energy attunement system) emailed me and said he has further updated the Tachyon energy and he will be offering the updated attunement to those he has attuned to Tachyon. I will, of course, be getting this updated attunement from him. When I do, I’ll blog about it here and offer the most up-to-date version to anyone who wishes. The exchange ($25) will remain the same. I think it’s fascinating, though, that he keeps updating his systems. I wonder how he does this, when he is guided to update and why, and just how one builds an attunement to something. I read that he was guided by Master Kuthumi in developing KR, so I wonder if he is still advised in that way. I could ask him, but I feel a little shy about it. Those experiences (channeling, hearing spiritual guidance strongly) are still far outside my own realm of experience. I trust that Ole knows what he is doing, and hope that one day I will be able to be more in tune with spirits/angels/guides. Through my blog and meeting people online I’ve met many people who naturally see and hear guides and the like, but I do not (yet?). So I’m working to develop this awareness and struggling with my impatience in the process. It’s kind of like tasting something new and wanting to be able to make it myself but not knowing the exact recipe. KWIM?


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