For those who’d hunt the lion hunter

I’m getting up on my soapbox now, because I’m disturbed. Here goes:

If you allow anger at a hunter to make you into a hunter, how are you any better than the hunter himself? 

Here’s a question. Dig down deep and see if you can hear an answer. How would Love respond? How can we model for our children an appropriate way to deal with righteous indignation and outrage? Here’s a hint: not by supporting vigilante justice, and not by encouraging violence against the perpetrator.

Publishing his address all over the net, death threats against him, his family, and his staff…those doing this have become hunters themselves. I’m disturbed by all of you. 

Let’s do better, people. This is not what our country is about, not what we are trying to preach. This is not what we, as people who want more kindness in the world, are here to do.

Frankly, is this the way we want to be treated if we do something that someone else decides is deplorable? How would we want to be treated if we massively fucked up?

I’m not in any way condoning what he did. I agree that what he did was awful in every way.

I’m asking everyone to stop and think of the best way to respond which models the ethical behavior we are trying to promote.

Got any suggestions? Please comment here.

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