Fuzzy World

When I don’t wear my glasses, I can’t see very well. I’m quite nearsighted, and facial features 10 or more feet in front of me become a blur if the glasses aren’t perched on my nose. But I’ve noticed something. When my glasses are off, I can see auras much more than when they’re on.

Why? A logical explanation might be that I’m seeing their fuzzy outline, not their aura, due to my rather impaired vision. Or, an enlightened person might say, I’m more able to see the things that the glasses keep me from seeing as they bring other details into focus. Which is it? Not sure. Maybe my eyes relax without my glasses on.

The reason I’m writing this is that tonight, we were at services at the new synagogue we joined. (It’s actually the one where we grew up, but we had been belonging to a different one because I used to work there. Now that I don’t, we were free to switch. But I digress.) We were at synagogue, as I was saying, and the cantorial soloist was singing. I took off my glasses, and noticed that while she sang, her aura really shimmered in green-blue and yellow. The more she sang, the brighter it seemed to get. Bigger too. But with my glasses, I couldn’t see much of it at all. The rabbi too – I could see his aura – more yellow-green – without my glasses. With them, it was much harder – I needed to squint. Funny, because I need to squint to see anything if my glasses are off, but with them on I need to squint to see an auric layer.

There may be something to this observation.
Insights from my dear readers are welcome.
Peace and Shalom.

By the way, read Warren Grossman’s book To Be Healed by the Earth. It’s fascinating.

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