Good Stuff is Coming Soon!

Just a short post because I really should get to bed.

Today I heard from the DHN (Distance Healing Network – where I applied to be a volunteer to send Distance Reiki and they replied that they were full but may have a vacancy in two weeks – see Gotta Wait)- a week earlier than I expected – woo-hoo! They said there is now a vacancy and am I still interested? I replied with a solid YES, and now I’m waiting to be contacted by a Group Leader.

And, I am signing up for my ART (Reiki Level III Practitioner) class, which will be on Friday, February 29th. They offer the full training through Reiki Master the same weekend, but not only do I not feel ready to be a Reiki Master Teacher, the whole shebang is $400 more than the ART, so I’m going to start with the ART level, and when the time comes, I’ll look into taking the next step.

I’ll be sending to the Sunday Reiki Share group in the morning, and keeping my senses “listening” for Reiki energy coming to me from the group during the day.

I’ll post Sunday night, on how the hands-on treatments went, if I felt energized by Reiki coming at me, and whatever else comes up!

Peace and happy vibes!

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