Hands on Feet

On Tuesday, a friend who wanted to learn more about Reiki came over so I could have the welcome opportunity to talk about Reiki to someone who actually wanted to hear me talk about it. I talked all about how I came to learn about Reiki, and how it’s become such a large and involved journey in my life. Before she left, I gave her a short hands-on treatment. That was interesting. I started with one hand on top of her head, and the other in the center of her shoulder blades, just below her neck. I felt lots of tingles there, but she didn’t feel much. Then I moved my hand on her back lower, and my hand that was on her head hovered lightly over her stomach. She reported that she felt tingles in her feet and up to her knees. I stayed that way for a while, and then put my hands on her knees, and finally on her feet. She felt the Reiki very strongly there, and was very interested in the sensations she was feeling. I was glad to have had the chance to introduce her to Reiki. She works with patients, and may be interested in having Reiki attunement as a tool to help comfort her patients.

Also, Tuesday night I was teaching my class, and my previously skeptical student, the one I sent distance Reiki and he was astonished to have felt it, asked me to give him hands-on Reiki during break. So I did give him Reiki on his head and shoulders, while he sat in a chair. He, too, exclaimed that he felt lots of energy in his feet. He had sore feet and legs from running on his treadmill at home earlier. I think I’ve made my point.

I have been posting about taking the Reiki ART level next weekend, the 29th. I may have the opportunity to take the whole Reiki Master Level, offered all three days of the weekend. I asked the teacher about doing any kind of barter of writing/editing services to offset some of the tuition cost, and she is open to it, and wants to speak with me. Probably tomorrow we’ll figure it out. Also, I have to deal with a small Sunday conflict as I have to lead a rehearsal from 12-2 pm that day, but I hear that she gives a long lunch break, so it might still be ok. I’m going to ask all my questions when I talk to her. But I think if I have the chance to do the whole level, I should go for it.

And, regarding the jobs that came after I sent Reiki asking for them: out of the blue, one of them offered me 50% more money per article than originally agreed, and I even asked if it was a mistake, and they said no, it’s correct. So I’m getting a great rate for writing Internet articles, and there should be a steady stream of assignments coming through at least June. This could add up to half the income I need to make in a month – a sizable contribution!

I decided that after I take the Reiki class, I’ll see how I feel, and take some time to adjust to the new level of Reiki. Then I’ll sign up for the Chios healing distance class, which should take about 6 weeks. I think Chios will be a very strong compliment to Reiki. I also plan, a year from now, to take Karuna. I want to have the ability to channel different energy frequencies for the strongest, most effective healing possible.

I’ve tried using some Theta Healing techniques, and the person I tried it on remarked on the difference in the Reiki this time – like she was under a heavy, warm, comforting blanket of energy. I’m going to continue to experiment. I like having different techniques to try to make the energy healing process as effective as it can be.

Peace, Love & Light.

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