Hands-On Reiki Tonight!

Well, slightly skeptical or not, my husband has agreed to a full hands-on Reiki treatment from me tonight after the kids are in bed. I think…(okay I hope)…it will be beneficial to him, and maybe help release negative energy in chakras that may be blocked. In any case, I mostly hope that he feels the energy, likes it, and even might ask to receive Reiki from me again.

I imagine that he will go into this with a slightly open mind, and so he will probably feel less energy than one who completely accepts the validity of Reiki would. I’m not out to prove anything, but I want to help him benefit from Reiki, and also I do think that each time he experiences Reiki, he opens his mind about it a little more, and thus could benefit from the energy a little more.

I’m sensitive enough at this point to feel tingling in my fingers when I scan areas that need Reiki. This happens when I do hands-on or distance Reiki. I am sure that the more I work with Reiki energy, the more sensitive I will become to energy, and I’ll be able to give stronger treatments as a result. For now, this is a great opportunity for me to practice and use Reiki, and I hope it will be a positive experience for us both.

Two of the people to whom I have been sending distance Reiki weekly or more have requested hands-on Reiki from me. That will probably take place in the next two weeks. So, getting this practice can only help me feel more confident that I will be able to channel energy in person that can help them. I’ll be sure to post about those experiences when they happen!

Another note: two nights ago, I scanned my oldest daughter, who has been attuned to Reiki II and learned how to use the power symbol. As I scanned her third-eye chakra, my fingers tingled, and before I could say anything, she exclaimed, “I feel tingles!” I said, “Me too!” and I gave her Reiki there for about 10 minutes. That was cool. I like how she is sensitive to energy.


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