Healing and Grounding

This week has been good in many ways. I can feel the higher level of my energy vibrations and they’ve started to even out. I’m spending more time with energy work and meditation as I can. The down side is that when I’m doing the work that’s my regular non-energy work, I feel impatient to be done with it and long for the feeling of connectedness and contentment that I get from giving Reiki healings, attunements, and helping people. I know this is the signal that I need to shift my life in this direction and I’m trying to find ways to make that happen. I feel guided by inspiration as I continue to manifest this dream into existence.

What I’ve been doing:

  • I started offering distance Etheric Cord Flush and Reiki healings during a one-hour time slot in the evenings. I ask for donations in exchange and remain flexible about amount and type. I’m blessed that people have been benefitting from this and want to keep it up on a nightly basis. It feels so great for me to be helpful in this way, and the appreciation and love people have given back have been deeply moving. Look for me on Twitter starting around 6pm (EST) as I accept about a dozen requests for the hour session for the healings between 9-10pm.
  • I am pursuing opportunities to offer Reiki classes. I have offered two Reiki for Parents information sessions and hope to set dates soon, and spoke with a yoga teacher about doing a combined Kundalini Yoga- Kundalini Reiki workshop. Wheels are in motion. More is coming.
  • I have ordered a large assortment of healing stones and will be charging them with Tachyon Source energy, and adding intentions for healing, abundance, clarity, grounding and enlightenment. I will soon offer these energy-charged stones to people via USPS. The first batch will be a trial offer, and I will post soon with an order button. The trial offer will be very inexpensive with the hopes that those who try them will offer feedback as well.
  • I am working on channeling my guidance more regularly to increase my connection to my Higher Self and gain inspiration and insight. Meditation daily is a part of this.
  • I am not forgetting about receiving healing as well as giving it and am deeply thankful to my support system of friends who exchange energy with me and/or offer guidance regularly. On this list: Ken Stone, Connie Dohan, Cher Monroe, Tamu, Amy, and Marcel (his page is in Dutch but he speaks English).

I’ve titled this post Healing and Grounding because I’ve been made aware of the importance of grounding my energy to stay balanced. I spent most of the last week living in my higher chakras, feeling pretty floaty and reaching for energy all the time as I rode transition-based waves of anxiety. In a healing session I had last night thanks to Ken, the message came through that it’s important to ground my energy regularly to keep energy flowing through the lower chakras.

Speaking of lower chakras, I found this handy-dandy chakra guide widget on my friend Fred‘s website and thought I’d post it here. It’s very informational. It’s a quick guide to chakras and their related functions.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful week filled with light, love and inspiration. Please contact me if I can be of assistance with healing, attunements, channeled readings or energy work advice.


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