Help Wanted – Energy Workers

Wanted: Energy Healers/ Lightworkers/ Intuitives and those with a desire to become one, to offer assistance to those in need of healing, awakening, and finding their path in life. Must be an open-minded, independent thinker with a desire to help others. Natural intuition is a plus, but not required. Experienced candidates should have a regular self-healing practice in place.

Pay varies with the assignment. Candidates should also be comfortable using a computer and have internet access.

Will provide training to all applicants. Training fees apply, but after training is complete (and during the training period), one will have many opportunities to earn the fee back through offering services to others.

Minimum qualifications include: a basic curiosity, desire to improve one’s life and help others, and interest in expanding one’s intuitive awareness. Skeptics welcome to apply; naysayers should find a more suitable position elsewhere.

Once you accept the position, the opportunities to practice will begin to show up in your life, ushered in by a team of angels. The more you embrace this path, the more people will be sent your way.

Benefits include: a sense of purpose, well-being, increased health and vitality, ability to manage stress, exude positive energy, clear and release negative blockages, increase intuitive awareness, recognize the divine aspects of one’s self, path, and life in general.

To apply, sign up for the training program here. Weekly training sessions will be through January, and then twice monthly training thereafter (through September) begins January 9, 2011, so prompt application is required. Training is online, and this can be done from home.

Questions should be directed to Alice Langholt by email: or by phone 216-469-2499. EOE.
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