In the Fire

Last night I attended a Fire Ceremony. A man named Ljubomir Rozic has these Shamanic ceremonies at each new and full moon. There’s a bit of learning about a healing concept, a meditation, and then the fire. He teaches everyone to touch the fire and bring it into their heart chakra (there are no burning or special effects involved!). We also put a list into the fire of things we would like to remove from our lives. Then Ljubomir changes the frequency of the fire to manifestation, and we put (either symbolically or physically) into the fire a list of things we want to manifest into our lives. By the way, it was pouring rain last night, and we still gathered and did the ritual. This was my first time going, and I really liked it. It was also my husband’s birthday. He wanted to go (to my surprise), and also really liked it.

I’ve been thinking lately that I have lots of things in the fire (symbolically). You know the expression “A lot of irons in the fire”? That’s what I mean. I’ve got a lot of irons in the fire, and I’m waiting to see what’s going to come out.

The things I have in the fire are all things that I’ve applied for, or inquired about, and am waiting for results or answers.

Here’s my list:

  • I applied to be part of the new Transdisciplinary Holistic Care Education Program at the Cleveland Clinic. This includes specialized training in holistic patient care, rounds, case studies, and lots of direct experience in being an advocate for Reiki and holistic care in the hospital setting. Only CCF staff and volunteers from the Healing Services Department were allowed to apply.

  • I sent in my application to teach in Lily Dale for the Summer, 2013 season.

  • I’ve been invited to be a practitioner for a research study on comparing the effectiveness of acupressure vs. Reiki for people with Gulf War Syndrome. I completed all necessary forms as asked. Funding should be approved (or not) in two months.

  • I pitched an idea for a board game to a game company. They received it and will get back to me…whenever they do.

  • I am beginning to plan a very big two day Practical Reiki training weekend for April, 2013. The goal is to have at least 100 participants. I’m looking for a venue, interviewing holistic event marketing professionals, and waiting for people to get back to me.

  • I’m starting a project, called the Just Love Project. There will be t-shirts that on the front say “Just   love.”
    On the back, will be a variety of quotes, cartoons, and specifically chosen artwork that fits the theme. The writers and artists who created the selected works for the back will also be featured on the website. 100% of the profits from the series of shirts will go to charity. Each quarter, we’ll change to a new charity. The idea is to spread messages of being loving and kind, while also doing something more to help those who need it. I’ve initiated contact with the first couple of artists and writers whose work is fitting, and am waiting to hear if they are willing to participate. I had one shirt made to see how it would turn out. It arrived yesterday. Stay tuned for a more official launch…whenever it’s together. I’ve got the website, the manufacturer, and the idea. Now I’m waiting to see who will participate so I can get to work on the website details.
So, these are a lot of works in progress, and my need for patience is at a premium. There’s such an element of surrender in waiting. I’m very much an action person, and those of you who’ve read my blog over the last few years (bless you all!) know that this is one of my life lessons. 

Meanwhile, I’m working on things that need action now – teaching, giving Reiki, promoting events, finding a venue for my big spring Practical Reiki workshop, etc. Of course, there are personal life things going on always too. Next month is my oldest daughter’s Bat Mitzvah. There are school activities, homework, lunches, grocery shopping, chores, and a big group of holidays to observe in the next few weeks. 

So I breathe. And put myself back into the space of the present moment. “Just love,” I remind myself. It’s all about that.

And, I’ll let the fire ignite, offer, and shape what’s been placed in there. I look forward to seeing what emerges, all in the right time.