Increasing the Connection

Today I tried something new – Hatsurei Ho. It’s a Reiki meditation, intended to connect one more with the Reiki energy, and it has been referred to as “the Jewel of Reiki,” a metaphor I like a lot. My experience with trying it was to really feel the energy moving through me, and I enjoyed the peace of sitting quietly and still, focused on the energetic experience. It reminded me a lot of when I send distance Reiki, yet it was just inside myself. I am going to incorporate it into my practice as close to daily as I can. It is also supposed to increase the strength of one’s Reiki, as it helps one be more aware and in touch with the energy.
Here’s a connection to the link which has a very nice description of how it’s done.

And, a friend on the Reiki Cafe message board has been developing a distance version of Ketsueki-Kokan, a distance clearing practice Intended for clearing of the Astral and Mental and Emotional energy bodies. The practice of Ketsueki-Kokan is usually hands-on, and is used at the end of a hands-on Reiki treatment to clear any “leftover” or trapped negative energy from the aura and body. It has a scary name in English – blood exchange, (yuck!) but it is more properly called a blood cleansing technique, though no actual blood is involved (of course! yuck again!).
Here is a link to a better explanation of the hands-on version:
Okay, so this person at the Reiki Cafe has developed a distance version of this “cleansing” technique, and he offers individual (and group – though I signed-up for the individual) treatments of this kind, with feedback afterward. I am going to be on his list tomorrow night between 9 and 10 pm. I’m intrigued, and feel that I could use some aura clearing, as I’ve been a little stressed lately. The “cleared” state reportedly could bring about effects such as “enhancement of gifts, awareness of the seedlings of other gifts, increased effective use of existing gifts, increased resistance to stress and anxiety, clearer meditations, etc.” (quoted from the description of feedback received from those who have experienced this distance process). So, I’m game, definately! It’s possible that feeling effects could take a while, but I’m open to the experience, and the possibility of the positive effects whenever!

I’ll post afterward about my experience, and update once I receive feedback from the person doing the session. Here is a link to the offer on Reiki Cafe, in case someone reading this wants to get more information from the source, or even try it too: (If you do, feel free to email me or post a comment here, and we could compare experiences a little!)

I’m taking my 4 and 6 year old kids to my RMT for Reiki I attunement today, and I’m going to teach them the hand positions. I think it is wonderful for them to have the opportunity to use Reiki when they want to, to soothe themselves, or each other, reduce stress, relax, and it empowers them with a way to help themselves deal with powerful emotions and stress. They both have experienced Reiki from me, and want to be able to channel Reiki.

Peace, Love, Light & Gratitude.

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