Is there scientific evidence that Reiki works?

Q: Is there scientific evidence that Reiki works?

A: That’s an interesting question. There is both scientific and experiential evidence that Reiki works. Just ask someone who gives Reiki, or the clients who receive it. All will report many stories of significant improvements. I’m included in that – I have plenty of anecdotal evidence from my own experience both as a giver and a receiver of Reiki for me to know conclusively that Reiki works.

As far as scientific evidence, though…it’s time for more people to know that there IS!

Reiki’s effects can be experienced and noted in different ways.

For example, it’s understood scientifically that intention, Reiki and other thought-energy imprints itself on the state of water. Naturopaths know this. They often work with little vials of water that have been imprinted with the energy of different substances to muscle test for allergies and adverse reactions.

Also, a Random Event Generator, such as the Mind Lamp developed by Psyleron, shows visibly that a program that generates random numbers changes behavior in the presence of intention/ Reiki/ energy. I actually have a Mind Lamp, and it’s extremely fascinating. You can see how it changed behavior in this replay of the 11/11/11 distance healing that I recorded. During most of the time we were sharing energy, the lamp remained steadily white, rather than changing colors randomly as it usually does. Also, when someone participating suggested a color, the lamp changed to that color, as if on demand.

The effects of Reiki energy make a visible difference in the spoil rate and quality of cooked rice in experiments, like this one by one of my colleagues.

People who experience Reiki, and Reiki practitioners alike know what they feel. And there are many, many anecdotes about miraculous healings that occurred after one or several Reiki sessions. I have seen those I share Reiki with relax, feel relief from pain and stress, and even more. There are many testimonials such as this one that you could watch to hear it from the people themselves.

Recently, I have been introduced to a very important book. It’s not well known in the United States, maybe because it was published in London. In any case, the book is called Healing Research, Holistic Energy Medicine and Spirituality, by Dr. Daniel J. Benor. It is, I think, a very well put together series of research studies on many aspects of energy research. It needs to be more known! I have personally given a copy of this book to the Director of the Transdisciplinary Holistic Studies Program at The Cleveland Clinic, of which I am a participant. He said he would take it to the Research Department and introduce it to them. Included in this book are controlled studies of the effects of energy healing on bacteria, cells, enzymes, fungi, animals, electrodermal activity, and many other topics. I’m very impressed with it! I did not know that there was so much research actually documented, and I’m very relieved that now I do know about this book. I encourage all who might be in need of some real science to get a copy of this book.

So ask yourself this – how do you decide what matters? Do you need some scientific evidence, or do you believe what you feel and experience? If you feel it, notice a difference, does that make it real enough for you? If Reiki could help you feel better when something was wrong, would that be enough? Or do you need scientific data to convince you to try it? Do you trust yourself enough to discern the truth in your own life?

Either way, you’ll find what you need. Reiki is real.

When you’re ready, come find me. I’ll be here ready to show you.