Keep Being the Light

I think lately that one of the keys to moving forward despite hard times is keeping your eyes on the good progress that’s being made. This can be a challenge when money is tight despite the best efforts to move forward, and even despite real progress being made. We’ve had a challenging time and have a slow and steady recovery ahead of us again. And we’ve also had some roller-coaster emotions as we go through the process of prioritizing bills and putting off others, wishing we could do better. We’ve had our freakout moments. What gets us to a point of calm again is that we keep coming back to the knowledge that we are, in fact, moving in a forward direction. Evan has a job (his first paycheck finally arrived). I have classes in progress and more scheduled, and am going to an expo this coming weekend in Cincinnati, Ohio where I just found out I have a nice big booth and an hour-long presentation spot at 2pm (prime time for speaking). More good things are ahead at the end of the winter too. A new game project is in the works, a chiropractor wants me to work in his practice when his new space is ready.

The rub is that these things looking ahead seem far off when money is an issue RIGHT NOW.

It’s okay though. I see the light ahead. I am determined to stay focused on that light, because when I do, it grows brighter. I think that’s the idea, and it’s a metaphor I’m enjoying right now. Is the darkness here? Sure, it’s always here. But it’s harder to see when the light is too. In fact, it goes away when the light is on.

I’m the light. Reiki is the light. Energy is the light. My focusing on the positives creates more light. Joy is the light. Laughter is the light. Love is the light. Light many candles from one little flame. Each person who shares the light brings more light to the world.

I light candles by teaching Reiki. Those I teach go on to share it. They teach others. We light the world.

I feel lighter already.

Love and light, Alice

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