Magic is relative

It’s true. I feel magical. I feel like a super hero of healing. I just feel like there’s something magical about being able to be a part of a healing process for someone across the world who experiences it and feels better. And I also love teaching others to do the same. 

But, I realized, it’s not magic. The only reason it is magical is that science doesn’t have an explanation for it. Think about it. Before the microscope was invented, the idea of germs was “magic”. If someone had suggested that germs are responsible for illness, it would have been interpreted as little magical sickness fairies that no one can see go from a person’s cough to another person’s body and make that person sick. And scientists would have scoffed. And then, poof, the microscope is invented, germs can be seen so science deems them real, and it’s accepted. Science can now study germs, identify different ones, and determine the specific treatment for each. 

One day, this will happen for Reiki and other healing energy methods. In fact, once some scientist actually invents a way to see the human energy field and how it’s affected, big changes will happen. They will find a way to measure “frequencies” of Reiki and other healing energy. They will work to determine which healing energy frequency works best on which malady. Doctors will write prescriptions for people to see Reiki Master X because she has 6.79 ReikiOhms of energy, which is effective for such-and-such a condition. There will be tests, measurements, experiments, and a lot of excitement. Then will come regulations, licenses, and health insurance coverage with reps suggesting this or that practitioner. Next will follow science attempting to synthesize Reiki energy into a pill. Or perhaps they will take another look at homeopathy and Ayurveda, and measure the way a person’s energy field changes frequencies when the person meditates. Wow. Can you see this future?

Right now, scientists scoff. And what we do is labeled as “pseudoscience,” “metaphysical,” “faith healing,” “placebo,” or…magic (in a rather sneering and derisive tone). But the growing numbers of people studying Reiki and receiving health benefits from Reiki are strong enough to make waves. These waves disturb those who need tools to convince them something is real.  

I’m honored to announce that The Ohio Board of Nursing has approved my Practical Reiki for Nurses class to offer 8 CEs. This class is taught online so that anyone with a computer and internet access can be part of it. This class offers Reiki training through Master level, and a method that is simple and directly applicable to nurses, caregivers, massage therapists, occupational therapists, and anyone working in a health care field. After taking the class, one can teach it to others. It’s nice to see there is some evidence that western medicine is getting tired of waiting for the scientists to acknowledge Reiki, and are taking their own initiative.  

So about that “magic” idea…there is a part of me that really thrives on the magical beauty of it all. But even if it becomes commonplace, the beauty still shines. I mean look at it this way – the power comes through us. The power is not in a tool or a pill. It’s innate, completely organic, and benefits emotions, body and spirit. It’s MORE than any tool or pill can claim right now. The self-awareness that comes from giving and receiving Reiki is more profound than anything science, psychology or western medicine has to offer. 

That’s why I’ll never stop believing in the magic.

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt