Mom/Daughter Reiki and Being Starstruck

Yesterday, my almost-9 year-old daughter Rayna came with me to give volunteer Reiki healing at the Reiki center at Ursuline College. Rayna is Reiki level 2, and we channeled Reiki healing together to a person who came in to receive Reiki. It was a strong Reiki experience for our recipient, and all were touched by the presence of a child giving healing energy with her mom. It was good for all of us. Rayna said she wants to do it again next week.

And….some exciting news is that I emailed Warren Grossman, the author of a book that’s deeply impressed me lately, To Be Healed by the Earth. He lives here in the Cleveland area. I asked him if he would be willing to come and speak to my teen students in the Seeking Connections course I’m teaching. He said yes!!! We set a date for Nov. 13, and he asked me to invite other classes and staff to come too. It’s quite perfect for my class, because not only is his story inspiring, but he’s also Jewish, and I’m teaching this as a Jewish course on connecting to a spiritual source other than by formal prayer. I think his visit will be a highlight and I’m very grateful that he accepted so willingly.

I’ve found lately also that when I try to connect with another person’s energy for the purpose of asking a question of the person’s guides or higher insight, afterward my third eye chakra tingles for a while. It’s good. I like knowing that I’m growing in ways I’ve been longing for.

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