Movin’ Right Along to Chios Level 2

Chios level 1 was a fine introduction to channeling energy, and because of my experience with Reiki, it was very comfortable for me. I completed the workbook and practice exercises, and was really ready for more of the heart of studying Chios.

Today, my Chios teacher attuned me to Chios level 2. The manual for this level is quite extensive, and the exercises, practices and meditations as well as the attunement itself, are all designed to help the practitioner develop visual sensitivity to color energy. Because I’m so accustomed to feeling the energy by changes in the sensations in my hands, it is a challenge. My teacher provided two websites with practice exercises for developing the ability to see aura colors, and the exercises seem progressive, and doable, with well-written descriptions. Here are the links, for anyone interested: and . Now I feel that I have lots to do and learn! I’ve embarked on the next phase of my journey of energy healing discovery and practice.

Anyone with insight (oops pun not intended!) or experience in developing this visual acuity to energy, I’d love to hear from you.

Meanwhile, I’m still open to sending Reiki to those who request it, without a fee. In a couple weeks, I will be looking for opportunities to send distance Chios Healing treatments, and so at that point please feel free to request Chios sessions if you’d like to try that modality.

When I complete my Chios Master level training, I may be switching to a different format for accepting distance energy healing requests, but I plan to take one request per night for distance Reiki/Chios sessions for free. Once my schedule fills up for those appointments, I’ll charge $20 per half-hour sessions for times scheduled during the day or at other times.

But for now, I’m still a grasshopper.

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