New Beginnings

We’ve now lived in Gaithersburg, MD for six weeks. Partly, I’ve been feeling like I’m on an extended vacation from my home in Ohio. Part of me has been wondering when we’re going home. But not in a sad way. I love this house. There’s plenty of room for our family. It’s very nice to have enough bathrooms, too! I love the new neighborhood, all of the amazing variety of cultures here. I’m even starting to get around – a little – without the GPS app on my phone. People I’ve met have been nice and welcoming. The kids are all adjusting really well to their new schools, and made the Honor Roll their first quarter.

My husband has gotten off to a great start in his new position. It’s clearly the right decision for him, and for our family, to be here.

Although our house in University Heights hasn’t sold yet, it’s certainly ready for a family to move in and make it their new home.

Good things are happening with me, too. I’ve made a wonderful connection with Beatrice Ollier of The Center for Qi Gong, Meditation, Healing and Beyond, which it turns out, is about a mile from my house in a very thriving shopping district called The Kentlands. Being as open minded as she is, Beatrice has allowed me to teach Practical Reiki at her lovely studio, and even brought me two students. We’ve got a great symbiotic relationship – I’m helping her with her social media presence and marketing. She’s recommending  me and letting me teach there. I’ve already taught a class there, and will teach another in January. We like each other a lot, too. 

And the biggest news so far is that, finally, my new website has launched. is completely redesigned from the bottom up, and looks totally new, modern, and different! We’re having a free online launch party tomorrow (Thursday) night at 9 pm EST. It’s a free class in Laughter Yoga, as well as festive giveaways and a party atmosphere. We figured, why not do something really fun, that includes learning, and celebrates the new site? I’d love to have a great big crowd, so please join us if you can make it! It’s online, so wherever you are, you can be there from any computer or digital device that goes online. Please come!

I’m going to Ohio on Friday, to teach and share a booth with my expo buddy, Ernie Betz, at The Victory of Light Expo in Cincinnati. I’m looking forward to being back there (it’s my seventh time). Though, in a way, it feels a little confusing to go from here (my home?) to there (my familiar Ohio territory), and then back here (home, Alice, home) again on Monday.

So, yeah, things are good, and I’m trying to get rooted in this new place, so that I can say or think “home” and my mind goes here, instead of Cleveland, Ohio. I know it takes time. But, I’m ready for that slightly confused part of me to officially move here too. 


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