Opening Doors

I waste no time. When I get an idea, I go for it.

Today, I asked my son’s preschool director if she would be interested in me doing a Reiki demo for her teachers, and then seeing if there would be interest in learning Reiki I, with the idea that, as a teacher myself, I could give them some good ideas for times in which it would help soothe one of their students to channel a little Reiki, and also how they can use Reiki to help themselves unwind after a long day of running after 3 and 4 year olds. She was VERY receptive to the idea, especially when I told her that they could get continuing education units (my Reiki teacher has the forms). She said that next month she’d like me to come to a staff meeting and present the idea as I described. She ALSO asked me if she could pass my name and contact info to her friend who runs a school for nannies. I said yes, absolutely. So, I’m knocking at doors to see what will open. I think I have a special understanding of teaching, and could incorporate this with helping teachers learn to use Reiki to help them in the classroom, and for themselves.

We’ll see what develops. I’m open to opportunities to incorporate Reiki into my life and help people to get introduced to the ways in which Reiki can help them.

I also sent Reiki to someone in Singapore, across the globe from me, at his request, and his feedback was amazing. He felt everything and was very grateful. He wanted to experience distance Reiki, having doubts as to how someone could feel Reiki energy that was sent from half a world away. And, now he knows.

Love & Light.

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