Practicing and Tuning in (or “Spooning-in”)

I’m trying to practice every night, to learn to better sense the subtleties of Chios energy, and intuit the information present in the aura. I can’t see the auric layers yet, beyond the very first etherial one, and don’t think I’m getting color information yet. I keep trying to check in from time to time to see if I get more, without straining or giving myself a headache.

And, I am getting better at the visual exercises in the auric learning web pages. I can’t do 5 minutes yet, but my focus time is improving. Once a person reaches 5 minutes, auric sight is supposed to increase dramatically.

I am in touch with two Chios practitioners, one person who is learning along with me, with my same teacher, and the other graduated from the program, but she is “tactile” as I am. We’re going to send each other Chios by distance in the next few days, at appointed times, for practice, and for us to give each other feedback. It’s a good learning experience for both sides. Tonight is my turn – I’m sending energy at 10:40 p.m. I receive at 9:30 p.m. on Sunday, and send to the other person at 10 p.m. Sunday night. She will reciprocate one night next week.

I’ve started working on the questions and practice exercises in the Chios Level 2 Workbook as well, and when it’s finished I’ll be ready for my level 3 attunement. I guess it will be in the next week or week and a half maybe.

I’m knocking on as many doors as I can to find opportunities to do Reiki and energy healing, whether treatments or training. So far, it’s a lot of waiting for responses. I hope the responses come.

And, I tried a little exercise yesterday – spoon-bending. Yes, spoon bending. Sounds like a party trick, but after reading the directions on the rather rudely named website , I decided to grab a spoon and give it a try. Now I have a spoon that’s bent over double. It was empowering, actually, and I think that if I practiced a little I would be able to ruin our whole set of cutlery, so I’d better stop until I find some cheap set to play with. It was a similar feeling to channeling the energy for healing to channel energy for bending a spoon in half. I liked the way the spoon began to feel softer as I visualized the energy flowing into it. I have the spoon in my coat pocket and decided not to show my family. It looks a little irresponsible to have mangled a perfectly good teaspoon. Hmm. Still, check out their website. If you didn’t think it was possible, you might change your mind.


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