Practicing Distance Reiki

Original post 12-3-07

I sent distance Reiki to a friend last night. I’m still waiting for her feedback, but as I mentally “scanned” her to assess where she needed the energy the most, my hands became very warm, from the fingertips to elbows, as I pictured her throat chakra. She is a singer, and if she is stressed or upset, this could be a place where it would manifest. I held my hands still and sent the Reiki there for about 15 minutes straight, until I felt the heat in my hands fading a little. Then I scanned her again, and sent some Reiki to the sides of her face, hips, heart chakra and her aura in general.

Afterward, I directed my hands toward my own face, and felt the heat radiating from them as I held them over my face. I sent myself some Reiki energy for about 10 minutes afterward. I read that after one sends Reiki, she should give herself Reiki afterward. It still amazes me to feel like I really have the ability to send and receive energy.

I’m waiting now to hear if she felt any of this. Regardless, I believe that I did something good.
Tonight I’m sending Reiki to Inklings! I hope I can be helpful to her too.

If anyone else would like to help me practice and receive distance Reiki healing from me, please comment, or send me an email here. All I would ask in return is email me feedback about what you experienced while I was sending you Reiki.

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