Receiving Reiki

Gevalt!! Am I ever sick! I have a terrible chest cold and a low grade fever, and I feel like I can’t move. (Yet I can type – guess my fingers can move).

But I wanted to share something. My gracious Reiki friend Bridget sent me Reiki two nights ago, and afterward I felt GREAT for 11 hours! I thought I was all better! Then, the thing came back with a vengeance. Okay, Reiki has its limitations, but that was very interesting.

Then, my RMT sent me Reiki for 15 minutes last evening, and her Reiki literally got me through my two hour teaching commitment. When I got home, I collapsed into bed.

Another friend, who is studying for his RMT level and offered to send me Reiki so he could practice, sent me Reiki last night. I think it helped me relax into sleep.

Now I feel horrible again, but I have felt again the power of Reiki and positive thoughts and intentions. I don’t really have the strength to give myself Reiki right now – all I can do is rest. I’m going to try to drink some hot water with lemon. (cue:awwww! poor puddy! thanks.)

If anyone who reads this and feels generous and sympathetic for a few minutes could send some Reiki healing my way, it would be much appreciated!!!!! I don’t feel right posting to a Reiki request message board along with those who had operations and are suffering from cancer and the like. I don’t want to take practitioners’ attention away from those who need it more than I do. But if you’re reading this, I thought I could ask you! It’s like you already know me, after all!

Thanks and blessings.

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