Reiki Experiences – The Journey Continues

Original post submitted Thu, 12/06/2007 – 21:58.

I sent Reiki last night to a friend who has been going through a hard time. After the experience with my mom, who didn’t feel a second of the intense Reiki I sent her (though she felt it all the first time), I was feeling a little nervous, hoping that my ability is the “real deal.” I really wanted to help my friend, who is a very kind person who has been having a tough emotional time.
I waited all day to hear back from her, after sending her Reiki last night. Around dinner time, I left her a voice mail asking her to read her email and please call or email me feedback on her experience. I had emailed her my end of things last night. This was her first experience with Reiki, and it was distance Reiki at that, so she could’ve felt anything or nothing at all, and I was bound to take anything as a reflection on my ability, whether that’s logical or not. (She didn’t know that last part- and didn’t know about my mom). I did tell her that she could feel something (warmth, tingling), or nothing at all, and that the Reiki would be beneficial regardless, but I was interested in her experience afterward.

Here is what she wrote a few minutes ago: Thank you so much!!!! I felt a lot better today! Last night at 10:00, I laid down and relaxed. I tried to picture you in my mind. A short time later, I felt a little bit of pressure on my chest area, that lasted for a little while. There was this unique feeling that is hard to describe. I felt like turning and laying on my side, but didn’t, I was just kind of motionless. It was very relaxing. I don’t know if this is part of the Reiki also, but with my eyes closed I could see purple and black streaks. After about 20 minutes, I did fall asleep though, I think because I was so relaxed. I want to tell you that today when I woke up, I felt really good. My back has been hurting a lot lately and when I got up, there was no pain in my upper back. I also had a more positive feeling today! Thank you very,very much. I also began reading more about Reiki today. It would be great if we could do this again. Thank you so much again!

There were tears of relief and gratitude in my eyes as I read her email. I’m going to send her Reiki again next week, at her request.

If anyone would like to recieve distance Reiki and help me with my practice, please email me here and we will set a time. There is no charge, it could help, and all I ask is that you email me honest and sincere feedback afterward.

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