Reiki in a Batch

I have joined a distance healing request list as a Reiki practitioner, and now receive many emails a day from people who have posted requests to the list. They are all requests for distance Reiki, and include details about what they are requesting healing for. Almost every one tugs at me in some way, and it feels a bit overwhelming to try to sort through which ones I can get to in a day.

Last night I was thinking about how some Reiki practitioners send healing to an entire request list at a time, intended for the greatest good of all the recipients on the list. I decided to start a little smaller than that, but see if I could send to four people who wrote to the list at the same time.

I took a piece of paper, and wrote each person’s name on it, along with their home town, and a few words about their specific need. I added power and mental/emotional symbols, and the distance symbol to the paper. Then I did the power symbol, activated Reiki in my hands, and read each person’s name and place, intending that the Reiki healing please go to each person according to his or her need, and for their greatest good, physically and emotionally. I held my hands still, facing away from my body, and felt my fingers, palms, and the top of my head tingling for about 10-15 minutes. I reactivated the power symbol, renewed my intention, and sent for a few minutes more. I was surprised that the session didn’t last longer. I hope it worked. I would like to send to each person individually, but I’m afraid that I won’t have time, and so I hope this was a good option.

If anyone has suggestions about sending Reiki this way, I would welcome them. I know people belong to Reiki shares, and some practitioners send to a list of requesters at a time, so if I could also learn to do this effectively, I would be so glad.

Thanks for any guidance and input.

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