Reiki Master Training in One Week!

It’s official!! I’m going to take the Reiki Master course – the whole thing – ART and Reiki Master Teacher together next weekend!!!! I can hardly believe it is going to happen. I did speak with Sister Ann Winters of the Sophia Wellness Center at Ursuline College, who is teaching the course there. (By the way, Google her, and you’ll see praises up and down from people all over the world who have taken the Reiki Master training with her!). She was gracious enough to let me do a project – creating a Reiki hand position manual – in exchange for a reduction in tuition. That, plus the unexpected increase in article compensation I received notice about on Wednesday (see my previous post), will make the class affordable for me. The timing is too perfect to ignore its implications. I also was careful to ask her about my rehearsal on Sunday, from 12-2, and it’s not a problem, because most of the rehearsal will fall during lunch break, and the afternoon is for hands-on practice, so there’s flexibility. My mom wonderfully offered to watch the kiddies while my husband is at school, and so I’m free to do this. (Thank you, Mom!)

My mind is already brainstorming the possibilities of what I could do as a Reiki Master. Could I feel ready to teach a class this summer? For kids? Teens? Maybe so! Maybe I could team up with another Reiki practitioner who is renting studio space and offer hands-on treatments. I wouldn’t be surprised if opportunities present themselves through the other Reiki people I’ll meet in the class, or as a result of taking the class itself. I’m going to be as in tune and open to the possibilities as I can be.

Meanwhile, I continue to experiment with using Theta Healing techniques combined with Reiki when sending distance Reiki, and I’m still working on seeing energy.

It’s a process!

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