Reiki Serendipity

As a freelance writer, work (and therefore, income) comes in project by project. And sometimes things come in stressfully slowly. This month fit into that category. So yesterday in the late morning, I sat and sent distance Reiki to the “wish” or intention to open the pathways for more work to be offered to me as immediately as possible. At 3:30 pm, I had three new projects in my inbox. None were things I hadn’t applied for, but one was from someone I worked with a few months ago, and he was asking me to do two more projects for him, and one was an editor/proofer position I had applied for on a freelance job board – always a long shot. The third was a list of articles to write that I had been waiting for all week. So, thanks Reiki. (Now I had better get organized!)

Rayna and I gave my mom hands-0n Reiki last night, because Mom’s back was sore. In less than 15 minutes, my mom’s back felt all better. She wowed the whole time about how hot our hands were and how good the Reiki felt. I didn’t notice my hands being hot, but I felt lots of tingle. My RMT told me that the recipient of hands-on often feels sensations that the practitioner doesn’t feel. So true. When I started, I had a picture flash in my mind of the beach by the ocean. That was the first time I’ve ever had a random picture occur to me as I was channeling Reiki, but I have only a small number (I was going to type “handful”) of hands-on Reiki experiences compared to my daily distance sendings and self treatment. My mom was in Florida for about two weeks last month.


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