Reiki Setback?

Original post on Wed, 12/05/2007

I talked to my mom last night while I was preparing dinner (frying latkes takes FOREVER!!)…anyway, she had a colonoscopy yesterday and I offered to send her distance Reiki at 10 p.m. and she accepted.

So at 10 p.m. I did my thing, dim lights, music, symbols, concentration, intent, scanning, sending, focusing, the whole deal. I felt confident that it would be a powerful experience for her, because it was for me. I really focused on sending her love with the energy, and wishes for healing and good health. At 10:25, I gave her a call.

She forgot that I was sending the Reiki, had been in bed reading, and didn’t feel a thing. I told her it was ok, and that the energy would still be beneficial for her.

For me, though, it felt disappointing. All of my other experiences so far, including with her, have been extremely powerful and validating. This felt like I was just sending to an imaginary friend. Ok, I know that the recipient doesn’t need to feel it. But it really helps me feel like I’m doing something helpful and important when they do.

Tonight I am scheduled to send Reiki to a friend who really needs it emotionally. She has been going through a painful divorce for about a year, and she lost a terrible amount of weight and developed some digestive difficulties. I really want to help her, and I hope she can feel what I’m sending her. I think she will benefit more if she is cognizant of the energy coming to her. I don’t know.

Follow up comment to the original post:

My Reiki teacher says…
Submitted by notarabbi on Wed, 12/05/2007 – 11:13.
(when she called me a few minutes ago), that I should not feel discouraged. This is a learning experience for me, and I’m learning that the recipient – even my mother – might not always feel the energy. I have to continue to believe in myself and my ability to send Reiki, regardless of how much the recipient senses. My teacher is a Reiki Master with amazing ability, and she said that sometimes she gives a hands-on treatment, and she feels the person receiving lots of energy, and afterward the person will tell her they felt nothing. She doesn’t let it create self-doubt, because she trusts and believes in what she is doing 100%. She said I wouldn’t have had this experience if I wasn’t ready to have it. I trust her.
Anyone else have a comment or experience to share?

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