See and Send?

Today, I am trying Gyoshi Ho – sending Reiki with the eyes. A few web sites I found recommended practicing on a plant. My plants could probably use some Reiki. In any case, “The Reiki Touch” book and DVD recommended practicing it on yourself using a mirror. (Watching the DVD, I was a little underwhelmed by watching Wm. Rand stare at his recipient, eyes slightly crossed, not moving, for a few minutes. Capturing this effectively on a DVD is probably very challenging.)

My experience watching the DVD notwithstanding, I gave it a try. I’m not really sure about the results of my experiment. Here’s what happened:

First, I activiated the Reiki energy and drew power and mental/emotional symbols on my third eye chakra and on both eyes. (I read online that the Reiki really flows from all three during Gyoshi Ho). I sent some Reiki there for a few minutes with my hands covering my eyes and fingertips on my forehead.

Then, I looked into a mirror, which I had propped on my lap, with my knees bent so I could see into it. I let my eyes go out of focus as I stared at my reflection. My serious expression looked rather severe. I relaxed my face, but the seriousness of my neutral gaze did not seem warm or like I was sending loving life force energy anywhere. (When sending Reiki with the eyes, one is supposed to focus on using a “loving gaze” rather than a “glare” – for obvious reasons.)

As my focus relaxed, my face took on some strange patterns. It seemed kind of scary – my features kind of melted, then they looked all wrinkled and like a horror movie monster, then I seemed to look really haggard and tired (kind of how I feel). It was pretty unpleasant, really, and I didn’t feel myself receiving any energy. I also tried it with my glasses on, in case seeing myself more clearly would help. (When I send Reiki I usually take my glasses off. They just feel like they are weighing on my nose.)

My eyes watered and burned a little, and I needed to blink. Then the in-and-out of focus thing started again. I don’t think I looked any better with my glasses on, either.

Finally I decided this wasn’t really working for me and I put down the mirror. I didn’t want to give up though – I’m pretty determined. So, I thought I’d try to use the technique to scan my lower body, starting with my feet, and determine if I could sense a place that needs Reiki.

As my focus went from my feet up, I felt the energy moving up my leg. I decided that my knees felt like they could use some Reiki. Now, if I felt that because I was thinking of my knees, and so my knees felt the energy there, or if it had to do with my scanning them with my eyes, I can’t be sure. I tried to send energy to my knees, but I had to do one at a time, because I could only look at one knee at a time. If I was doing this with my hands, I would simply place one hand on each knee, but that wouldn’t work this way. My hands felt warmer when I was trying this, but I can’t say that my knees (or either knee) really did.

My third eye chakra did feel energetically aware, at least, like it had energy in it, though if it was flowing FROM there, again I can’t be sure.

All in all I felt like Superman trying to activate his x-ray vision. Hmmm.

When my 8-year old comes home from school, I may ask her to play recipient again. (I told you I’m determined.)

I posted a question about trying to see colors of energy on a message board, and one person who responded suggested that I not try so hard, but just be open to whatever way the Reiki is going to work for me. Very practical advice. But, I don’t make progress if I don’t try things, so I think I have to try to discover how the Reiki works for me. And, maybe I’ll be successful at finding the way to do this.

I mean, when I started trying to sense energy with my hands (in preparation for doing my first hands-on Reiki treatment), my RMT showed me how to scan (Byosin scanning), and that’s when I felt specific tingles in my fingers when scanning the area where she needed Reiki. It was specific, and consistent, and I felt that “a-ha!” moment when I recognized the feel of the energy. If I wouldn’t have wanted to feel that, and tried to tune-in, I don’t know if I ever would have. So, I’m making an effort here to see what will develop. I’m open to whatever happens, and I know it could be nothing. I’m ok with that too.

Comments always welcome. Sorry this post is rather stream of consciousness style.

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