Spreading the Word

It’s ironic, really. Some religious proselytizers came to my door today, and I politely but firmly turned them away. I’m not going to be one of their success stories. Not ever. So they shouldn’t waste their time.

The ironic part (if one would choose to see it that way) is that I find myself trying to win people over to Reiki any time I have the chance now. For instance, we were at a family gathering at a restaurant tonight, with members of the family we seldom see. I started a conversation with the person next to me, (who I know a bit, but we’re not close), about Reiki. She looked at me with a pretty vague expression, like I was talking about speaking Hindi or something out of the ordinary realm of conversation. I dropped it for a while.

A bit later, I tried again (why? I don’t know). I explained that it’s not a religion, and it’s real and amazing, and helpful. I activated Reiki energy in my hands, and placed one hand on her shoulder. Immediately, she said, “Oh, wow. That feels really good!” I got happy and told her about my student with the headache (see earlier post Is it Better to be Helpful or Cautious? ).

Before you knew it, we had made a date – I’m sending her distance Reiki tomorrow night at 10. I’m going to call her at 9:55 to remind her, and she promised to email me feedback.

I’m also sending Reiki to my California sister tomorrow morning (8:30 her time – 11:30 mine).

I feel like it’s part of my job to educate and initiate people to Reiki’s reality and benefits. What would I have said two years ago if I met someone like myself, and that person tried to talk me into accepting a distance Reiki treatment? I’m not really sure – but I like to think I would have accepted, for the heck of it. That’s kind of how I started learning about Reiki – like, “why not?” when it was offered to me. So am I like the people who came to my door this morning? I am not going door to door. But I think it could be in my path to continue to bring knowledge of Reiki to people as I continue along my journey.

Something to ponder.

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