Sunday Update

I said I’d post tonight, and here I am.

I did the two hands-on sessions as planned today. I found that when doing hands-on Reiki, (for me) the sensations in my hands that I feel with distance Reiki are not as pronounced, if at all. I felt very little tingling, some heat at times, but sometimes nothing at all. I asked the person if she felt energy, and sometimes she did. Also, sometimes my hands seemed to take a long time to “warm up” – I mean that I put them in a spot and they didn’t feel like anything, but after a few minutes, they began to heat up a little, and I could feel energy going through them.

Both people thanked me and said they felt helped by the Reiki. So that’s good. I hope it’s enough. I probably need more practice with the hands-on version, to increase my feel for the energy in that situation.

Regarding the Sunday Reiki Share group, I did send Reiki as I had committed myself to, to the list this morning. I did my best, though I hope I connected with all the people on the list. The names on the list were mostly just screen names without any more details. But my hands got tingly, so I hope it went where it was supposed to. I didn’t feel anything specific in terms of Reiki being sent to me, but I went about my day. Perhaps I had a bit more energy today – I am in a pretty good mood, and got my work done today too, which is good. So, what could be bad? I think I was hoping for a little more fanfare, so to speak, but I’ll keep on the list for a while and see if I notice anything over the next few weeks.

I have a mounting list of requests hitting my inbox from that listserv of distance Reiki requests. The emails go to the whole list of practitioners who signed up, but there are just so many people that are in such need. I am going to try to get in a few every day. I didn’t today. 🙁

I’m coming down with some version of the virus my son had all last week. Ugh. I’m going to take some Tylenol and give myself Reiki as I’m going to sleep – in about 10 minutes. I have a sore throat, and was achy earlier. Maybe the reason I’m not as achy now is the Reiki…(Hey, achy and Reiki rhyme! No more achy, I got my Reiki! …I must be tired. sorry about that.)

Peace and gratitude!

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