I’ve been trying to grow my intuitive abilities, with the help and advice of my Chios teacher, Connie, and my psychic intuitive friend Cher. (Gratitude shout out to you both!) Among the most important advice I’ve been getting is meditate, and also to ask for details from my guides and angels.

Meditating, as I was instructed, has been interesting. Cher told me to start off by studying the inside of my eyelids, and then focus on my third eye chakra. When doing this, I have felt connected to energy, and “saw” swirling colors and abstract shapes.

The other night when sending Reiki, I had questions in my mind, and I felt that I got answers to the questions. The next night, on Connie’s suggestion, I asked for more specific information – asking more specific details, and receiving more specific answers. To be clear, when I am channeling Reiki, I feel connected to the energy and to my intuitive higher self, and the answers seem to come.

But, this being new to me, I also feel confused by doubt. I know that I have a very strong imagination and these answers could be what I am imagining I want to hear. I used my pendulum to see if it confirmed the answers, and it did. (But I’m unable to measure my own subconscious input to the answers). Connie says to ask for proof, or something that will help me emphatically believe in the message I received. I don’t know what, though, would do this for me, so I haven’t been able to do this yet. Also, things in my life are suggesting that the message I received may not be true, which further confuses me. I’ll keep trying.

I would love to develop confidence in my ability to channel advice and messages from guides and angels. It would certainly be a wonderful dimension to my energy awareness, and I would be immensely grateful for being able to develop this. Any additional suggestions are always welcome.

I know I’m a person who has begun from scratch – from zero intuition or awareness to the point at which I am now – a Reiki Master and seeker. I’ve already come a long way. This is truly a journey and awakening.


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