Tachyon Energy

I heard from Ole Gabrielson, (founder of Kundalini Reiki), that he had updated the Tachyon energy attunement that he offers, and it’s use is considered by him to be a partner energy for Kundalini Reiki, especially in terms of healing and attunements. I was curious about Tachyon and read about it on several websites. I also contacted Ole and asked him a few questions, which he graciously answered. (I confess that I feel like an Ole groupie – he’s amazing to me in terms of having developed Kundalini Reiki, and I am deeply respectful of this wonderful healing modality).

Tachyon energy is an energy that can enter into another substance, whether it’s jewlery, crystals, clothing, water, or oil, and embody that substance with Tachyon, which turns to life force energy. It sounds very sci fi. Since Ole recommends it so highly, I went for it and got the attunement from him. Great attunement -I felt it very strongly.

After being attuned to Tachyon, I charged a pendant I wear often with Tachyon (charged it as an all-around Tachyon antenna, so the energy comes out all sides), and wore it for a couple of days. I have to say that for those first two days, I was SO energized! I stayed up until 12:30 pm writing articles for my freelance work, and didn’t feel drowsy. I felt great all day – like a real caffeine rush but without the letdown – great stuff! I also charged some massage oil, and rubbed some on my hands before sending energy and attunements. I have a good strong energetic connection when I do that. I’ve also experimented with charging my belt, and water.

I used the Tachyon charged oil and pendant when doing two Tachyon attunements for Kundalini Reiki attunees who requested them. All went exactly according to the manual Ole sent. I’m impressed yet again, and recommend Tachyon attunements for anyone who wishes to have access to additional life force energy for themselves, or to enhance distance or hands-on healing and attunements to any energy healing modality.

I am capable of doing Tachyon attunements now, and have decided to offer the one Tachyon attunement for $25. (Ole charges $61). This attunement will give you the full ability to attune objects and attune others to Tachyon as well. It’s a master level attunement, and the newest form of the energy, Tachyon 2008, directly to me from the master of the system.

If you’re interested in a Tachyon attunement, or would like more information, please email me. I’ll add a paypal button soon, but for now, time is limited and work is plentiful. Gotta get that stuff done.

Peace, love & light,

Reiki Awakening Reiki blog by Alice Langholt