Taking a Moment

It’s been a busy Fall so far. I spent about eight weeks creating a 365 day tear-off calendar. Each page has something different on it. The theme is self care for busy people. It’s called A Moment for Me 365 Day Calendar – self care for busy people – 365 FREE things you can do in 30 seconds to balance body, mind, emotions, and spirit. 

Here’s the Behind-the-Scenes look at the process of creating this project I assigned myself.

Let me tell you, it was quite a project. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to do it. I mean, I’ve written lots of content before – I have been a game content writer for several years and had to write thousands of categories for board games. But, this was different. These are some narrow parameters! 

First of all, they had to be tasks that a person could do in 30 seconds. So that eliminates lots of things, like taking a bath, or doing a yoga class. I had to find short ways to accomplish the same kind of effect as those, like washing your hands and the back of your neck, instead of a bath. Or doing a modified Sun Salutation, instead of a yoga class. 

There couldn’t been any equipment needed, or special places to need to go to do the things. I did allow a pen and paper, because most people have those, or can at least think through the things if they don’t. I did also allow an internet connection for just a few of the tasks, because I figured that most people have access to the internet most of the time. 

They also had to be free, and not involve spending money. So, no real retail therapy, or making some kind of donation. 

At first, it was easy. That’s how content writing usually is. The ideas pour out fast, and need to be captured on paper quickly. The first 150 or so were like this. I also categorized by body, mind, emotions, and spirit, and made lists according to those. I listed special days that would be good for putting on the calendar, like holidays, zodiac sign changes, and seasons. Then I also added some themes, such as totem animals, planets, yin/yang, numerology, and colors. I made lists for those. 

Then, around the 250 mark, things slowed down a bit. I didn’t want to be repetitive, and every task needed a reason behind it, and some benefit for doing it. I started researching what others had to say on the subject of changing your life, and self care. I was able to bounce some ideas off of some things I read, and that helped. 

The last 20 were the hardest, but I got to them somehow. Though the stress had increased at that point, as I had a timeline to manage (this IS a calendar after all, and needs to be ready for calendar buying time). The accomplishment was short lived because there was more to do beyond the content writing. I pulled some VERY late nights!

Now, I’m proud to say that it’s done! I finished the list, organized everything in a spreadsheet, formatted it onto a document, designed the cover, and found a printer. I also started a website, a free daily email, a Facebook page, and a Twitter account for it. 

Three stores have ordered some so far. 

Why did I make this?
            Because I need it. 
I’m a busy person. With four kids, a business to run, a Reiki practice that’s growing, and volunteering once a week for JSSA Hospice, I needed the reminder that self care isn’t something to do once a week or whenever. A daily commitment of even 30 seconds can make a difference. And I know that this message isn’t just for me, it’s for other people like me. 

I loved doing this activity, actually. It taught me a lot. I learned that there are many, many ways to become present, mindful, and to value yourself. They don’t cost money, and they don’t take long. But they matter, and they make a profound difference. And now I can share this message with everyone.

So, I’m inviting you, my dear readers, to give it a try. Read the daily posts, or subscribe to the free daily updates. Maybe even purchase a calendar for yourself, or for a gift for the other busy people you know. (Use NOVPROMO as a code to save $5 per order). 

And especially, please offer me feedback. When I create something new, it really matters to me how people receive it. I want to know that it’s helpful, and that it’s really good, because I worked really hard to try to make it good. 

Thanks and love.

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