The Year is Ending, but Not the World. Here’s How to Remember That.

The US election has been overwhelming. First, all of the relentless campaigning and social media overload. Then, add to that the way people were angry at each other, the increase in crime, and just a lot of energetic noise. The election results, unstable, suspect, as well as the way everyone continues to feel stressed about what’s ahead, have only made things worse.

It does feel like something is coming to an end: the comfortable way we’ve been living and going about our lives has been disrupted, and doesn’t seem to be settling down soon.

It’s been hard, and it’s been exhausting.

I am sure I have Election Fatigue, if that’s a thing.

Throughout my day, I have been seeking ways to deal with the ever-present anxiety churning all around.
I’ve tried meditation, listening to music, working as much as I can, focusing on gratitude, Reiki, and lots of social action like signing petitions, making donations, and sharing whatever I can. So, that’s a lot. It’s wasn’t helping me as much as I’d hoped.

I guess it’s an ongoing process. This Election Fatigue is new to me, and so I’m learning how to deal with it by trying lots of things and seeing what helps. I think I found a couple of things.

One thing that has helped is working on a new calendar. Last year, I published this thing called My Moments of 2016, which allowed subscribers to have access to a series of daily, 30-second prompts about their day, what they think about, and other little moments. The prompts get saved, and will be presented back to them at the start of January, 2017, as an ebook of their year’s little thoughts and moments. It’s a cool idea, I think, but it has meant a lot of work for me, updating it daily, and then creating the ebooks to send to each participant.

Instead of repeating that kind of work for this coming year, I am making it into an app. I hired a designer, and he is creating an app for me to publish that will allow whoever wants to participate in this to just get the app, update it daily, and save, share, or download and print their responses whenever they want.

I discovered this:
There’s an optimism that comes from making a calendar, or posting on a calendar months into the future. It surprised me when I realized it. I mean, this isn’t meditation. This is, however, a mental process that says, “The future will come. I will have something to do. I still have a purpose. My life is going on.” The relief that brings is pretty amazing.

Another thing that’s helped is scheduling weddings into 2017. I am, if you didn’t know, a Wedding Officiant, in addition to the other things I do. It’s a happy job. Love-filled, and quite wonderful. And every time I  book a wedding in 2017, I’m reminded of the same thing: I will have something loving to do, which will also be a source of income (so yay!), help people, and remind me throughout the coming year that love still exists, it’s a focus, it’s a celebration, and I’m part of it. Oh wow, I reallydo feel better now!

Do you need relief from Election Fatigue? Put some great things on your calendar in 2017. Even if you have nothing to schedule yet, put a message on your calendar to surprise yourself when you get to that day. Just a little love note from you to you. Or a cute idea of something to try, something to remember, or something inspirational.

Or else – try my new app. It will be called Reflective Moments, and will be available in the Google Play store for Android first by the end of this year. That will give you your own moment of reflection daily to help you remember that you are grateful for things, you do find things funny, interesting, you are thoughtful, you have people who care for you, and so much more of that stuff that matters. You don’t have to think about what to write, because you get a different prompt every single day.

Love. Love.