Tiny and Huge

I’ve been thinking lately about the paradox of being. Doesn’t that sound philosophical?

What I mean is that on the one hand, I’ve learned a lot about Reiki in the past five years or so. I’ve taught lots of people around the world, and aim to teach many, many more how to access this powerful, yet simple connection to healing, growth, and balance. I’ve written two books, and published a set of cards (and an app!). I started a school

Yet, every day, I am acutely aware of how much more there is that I don’t know yet. There are levels of intuitive sensitivity that I have not reached. There is a vast sea of knowledge that I have barely absorbed a drop of in all this time. 

I feel as if I’ve followed a spark, and it led me into a sky full of stars. Yet this one spark has given me so much that it can’t be measured and I haven’t reached the fullness of it yet. It’s overwhelming to consider sometimes. 

Here’s what I mean…

  • I’m a “big voice” for Reiki. Yet what I know is so very tiny compared to what there is to learn. 
  • Here we are on this planet, each of us unique, and yet even our planet (which seems huge to our perspective), is a tiny droplet in a sea of universal vastness. 
  • Our bodies are complex, powerful interactive machines, yet inside us, between the tiny bits of atomic matter, is mostly space. 
Big, and yet so very small. I know lots of people have pondered this. I’m not presenting a new idea here. 

Lately, I’ve felt the need to grow more, and I’ve decided that 2013 is a year for self-development and growth. Opportunities are presenting themselves to me, and I’m saying yes. It’s pretty cool.

I have no idea what will come next in my growth, but I’m trying to prepare myself to house new knowledge and intuitive abilities. I want to make my energy a “fertile” place. 

So I’ve been meditating more. That’s new, as my readers know, and also challenging for me. To assist me in finding the “most effective” meditation technique for me, I have some cool tools. Among them is a Neurosky Mindwave Mobile headset, which can measure and track my different brainwaves, and an app called Transcend that keeps track of how often I manage to access those theta and delta (meditation level) brainwaves, and how long I sustain them in my meditation period. Having these tools gives me the chance to try different things and learn about myself. For instance, I am testing whether staring at a candle is better than closing my eyes. And whether listening to music is better than silence, humming OM, or listening to a binaural mp3. I’m using this to test whether visualizing myself floating, counting breaths, or keeping my mind as quiet as possible helps to create the most effective meditation method for me. It’s a learning process. 

I’ve noticed that since I started meditating more often, I’m more frequently calm in the face of drama. My kids, for instance, get angry or upset about something, and instead of getting swept away in it myself, I’m staying calmer without effort. I also noticed that my energy work feels stronger to me – meaning that the tingles in my hand feel stronger. I know that’s a signal of intuitive growth, and I’m telling the Universe to keep it coming. 

Drop by drop, the new knowledge will come. And I’ll share it with my students (and blog about it here of course too) as it does. 

And drop by drop, I may grow a little bit. But I still know how small I am at the same time. 

Being as small as we all are, though, the coolest thing is this – we are all connected to the absolute HUGENESS of EVERYTHING. Oops, I think I shouted that.  All of our knowledge, experiences, thoughts, emotions, and molecules of our body, are part of the giant, flowing, interacting and changing sea of all that is. The energy that I share, and help others share, can bring that light into this vastness, and make a difference. Thinking about this is reassuring, and also helps me feel that I can be significant for all of my tininess. We all can.

Ready? Let’s make some waves.