Tired Reiki?

I was very tired the other night, when sending Reiki, and I remember being so very relaxed as I was sending the energy to my friend. A few minutes later, I realized I had dozed off. I had to reactivate the energy in my hands and attempt to continue. I am too embarrassed to ask if she felt any different, though I did email and ask for feedback, as I always do afterward. So, the question of the day is…if the sender falls asleep while sending Reiki, will the Reiki continue per the original intent?

Aura updatethe last two times I’ve been sending distance Reiki at night, I’ve taken a moment and opened my eyes when I felt my hands tingling a lot. I “softened my gaze” and looked toward my hands. I think I may have seen something of an aura around my hands – only when I wasn’t looking directly, and only briefly. It wasn’t brightly colored like I had thought it would be – in fact, the first time, it was rather dark blue. Last night, it was a translucent white, and when I moved my hands a little, it made a little “trail” after my hand, like when one moves a flashlight in the darkness really fast, and the light seems to move slower than the flashlight. Or, the aura around a flame of a candle. But, not that bright.

Gyoshi Ho update…yesterday after school, my daughters were watching television, and I asked my 8-year old if I could try sending her Reiki with my eyes while she watched, and if she would tell me if she felt anything. She agreed (she’s the one with Reiki II attunement, who is very sensitive to energy). So I activated the Reiki, did the ckr on my forehead over my third eye chakra, and felt the energy there as I attempted to send her Reiki with from my eyes and third eye chakra. She said (rather excitedly) that she felt warm on the side of her head and on her cheek. That was cool. I told her I was going to try to send it somewhere else, and I focused on her heart chakra and stomach area. She wasn’t watching me, just watching the tv. She didn’t say anything, and when I asked, she said she still felt it on her head and cheek. Then, I focused on her leg, and she said, “Wait a minute, I feel warm on my leg!” So, maybe it’s starting to work. I plan to keep trying, to see if I can develop this more. It’s very interesting!

I’m a sponge…I just ordered a book on Theta Healing by Vanna Stibal. It sounds like a type of energy healing, similar to Reiki, and I only just heard of it today and visited a few websites and a Fox News segment on youtube about it. But it sounds very interesting, and so if anyone out there has some experience or knowledge about this to share, I’d welcome it!

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