Happy Monday.
I just noticed that several of my posts start with “Well,”… and that seems annoying. So this one doesn’t start that way!

I have some updates, and a bit of silliness.

  • Update: my friend with the past life issue emailed me feedback about our session Friday night (see post below Sending Reiki to Heal a Past Life Trauma). She felt tingling and then fell asleep. Maybe this kind of work- deeply emotional and powerful – can be easier for a recipient who is asleep. I have no doubt that it reached her, and I hope it was helpful. I am sending her Reiki again tonight at 10 and will probably repeat the past life healing request after scanning and sending energy as usual.
  • Update: I did give my husband Reiki last night. My hands were especially warm at his crown and heart chakras – he commented on how warm they were there. In other places, I didn’t feel much, and neither did he. He thanked me afterward, and I said to just ask if he would like me to give him Reiki again sometime.
  • New info: my oldest daughter, age 8, has been having bad dreams lately. Probably a result of reading some scary books from the Goosebumps series – I’ve put a stop to that. In any case, last night she didn’t have a bad dream, but was awake worrying about a bad dream she had the other night. She kept yelling from her bed that she couldn’t sleep. I went to her room, suggested that she give herself Reiki, suggested that she think of her dream house, and walk from room to room looking at everything that would be there, and try to sleep. Finally, at 4 a.m., she was still awake, and I brought her into my bed and gave her Reiki for a while. She feels tingles when I feel them, which I really love. Anyway, she finally went back to bed, but I am sure she will be needing a nap today!
  • Also: yesterday she had a headache, and (along with Tylenol), I gave her Reiki which seemed to help her recover quickly, probably more quickly than Tylenol alone, and be able to relax so she could take a nap. (I told you she hasn’t been sleeping well, so the nap was very necessary.)
  • Strange observation: the palm of my left (and more energetically sensitive) hand was strangely hurting a little last night. Could it have to do with all of the Reiki that’s been going through it?
  • Silliness: I read in William Lee Rand’s book The Reiki Touch that one can use Reiki to charge a cell phone battery. I’ve been trying it –without success, but I will keep trying. I’d love to hear from anyone who has been able to do this!


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