Waking Other People to Reiki

I had the fortune of spreading the word about Reiki some more. (There I go again – can’t seem to help myself!)

One reader who stumbled upon my blog emailed and asked me to send her distance Reiki, as she was curious about what it would feel like, or if she would even feel it. She admitted to some doubts, although she had some experience with chi through working with yoga. I was happy to set up a time, and I’m glad to report that the energy was felt as she received it. She also felt energized and positive, even when facing a stress-inducing day.

The other nice experience I had was that a student of mine was curious about what Reiki would feel like, and asked me to give her a little hands-on Reiki during break from class last night. I did, and it turns out that she is VERY sensitive to energy. She felt tingles, heat, and felt the energy move through her body to places I wasn’t even near with my hands. Even after I stopped, she felt tingles continue for the next few minutes. She was thrilled, amazed, and is very interested in learning more. Maybe I’ll have the chance to teach her once I’m ready for that huge step.

I find that I’m good at spreading enthusiasm about Reiki, and generating interest in it. I’m glad, because it is so very beneficial on many levels that I wish everyone knew about it. It really feels good when I can show someone a little about Reiki, and they appreciate it and want to learn more. This feels very natural to me. Maybe it’s taking me in a direction.

My Master Level class is in two days!! I’m excited and a little nervous. I know throughout my lifetime I intend to continue to learn about and practice energy healing. This is another step in my journey. It came along fast, but I know I have time to go at my own pace from here.

Thanks again to my RMT who started me along this path.


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