Why Energy Healing is the Best Job in the World

Anyone who reads my blog or follows my updates on Twitter or Facebook knows that I’m passionate about Reiki, energy healing, and all things having to do with this. “But why?” one might wonder, “What’s the big deal about? Why this love affair with all things energy healing? Why is Alice so devoted to this?” I’ll tell you, and I’ll show you.

I think that everyone needs to feel like he or she is good at something. That other people can see value in what one is doing, and appreciate the contribution he or she makes. Some people need this validation or appreciation more than others. It may be a factor of upbringing, personal baggage, or something embedded in your personality from a past life, ancestral programming, or the like. For me, the feeling that I’m making a difference is important. I think that’s why I became a teacher. I am happy when I can help kids learn, discover, have fun, and feel good about themselves. Of course this extends to teaching energy awareness also, when I’m helping people learn Reiki, or learn to tap into their higher awareness in new ways. It feels wonderful to help people grow.

I used to work in a job (for many years) in which I was regularly told that I’m not good enough, that I am always doing something wrong, and I felt very beaten down, even as I struggled to gain appreciation for all of the work I put in by working harder. The damage to my self image and drain on my energy took a year and lots of Reiki and healing to get over once I left that job. This too just indicates that I am a person who wants to feel valuable, and wants to make a positive difference to people.

Today I would like to share some of the feedback that people have graciously given me in response to our energy work together. Some are from simple Reiki healings, others are from working more closely together in the Distance Healing Tutorial program, from receiving Tachyon Healing Stones, and others are feedback from attunements. This is the perfect example of why Reiki has brought this sense of appreciation, wonder and gratitude to me. I’m helping people and their appreciation enhances my gratitude and awe of the power of energy healing. Please enjoy these comments as I do, feel free to add your own, and also contact me if I can help you.

Alice, stopped everything I was doing & sat outside in the filtered shade *Breath became more relaxed & deeper & stronger, Energy seemed to be moving through whatever has been restricting my breathing * Became more open to impressions * Delighted to see orange butterflies and then a yellow & orange insect landed on my hand, then flew off * Later a dragonfly. Heard much more subtlety in sounds all around * Many different birds, chimes, traffic in far distance * Backyard paradise. Felt gentle breeze * Felt stirring of stronger winds * Felt their strength within * Looking out now * Aware of all movement. Felt physical restrictions * First of all the tension * Then the relaxing, melting & softening. So blessed to receive Alice * Feel a tad drousy * Like I should give in & have a mid afternoon nap * Know that to be healing. That’s magic isn’t it? * The world really is magic when we are ‘in the zone’ to breathe it all in.Alison

I very much enjoyed absorbing all the golden nuggets of information shared in your “Distance Healing Guidebook”. It is very informative and clearly written from the heart. I think it’s a great teaching companion for all Energy healers and new students to Reiki. Your encouragement and suggestions will hopefully allow Reiki practitioners to step beyond the traditional rules of sending long distance Reiki and give them permission to experiment with new ways to “be” the conduit for the energy. The list of Reiki organizations and resources included at the back of the book is the best I’ve ever seen. – Jill Armstrong, Lotus Moon Rising Yoga & Reiki

The stones are very powerful! I had the pretty bag with them in my purse, and one of them in my pocket for the duration of the class I taught last Tuesday night. I had plenty of energy and was still energized after I got home that night. In fact, I had a hard time getting to sleep that night at all! So the next day I was tired – however, keeping the stones near me helped me get through the day.
Then again, this morning, I was feeling tired when I woke up, so I held one of them for a while, and kept them close to me most of the day – they really helped me keep moving and productive and gave me a real boost. Thank you so much for them. I think you are undercharging for them! – Arlene Holtz

I wish I could convey in print how grateful I am to you–I don’t think it’s possible, but THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! My work with you has been one of about 3 life-changing moments–(the other 2 were both health-related also–but not related to Reiki!) – Peter Dean

Again I thank you for the energy you sent my way today, I swear all I have to do is think on it, and I can feel it again. – Michelle
Thank you Alice for all of your healing, positive energy, and words of encouragement! You truly are an inspiration to those of us seeking to grow in light and love through Reiki! I’m grateful to you for sharing your wonderful energy with me ;-)Love, Light and Warm Blessings to you! -Krista

Wow Alice! I can’t express how much you have already influenced things that have been going on in my life with and through Reiki. One little tidbit I wanted to throw in… I see things like this as a piano recital. The Source, Higher Power, God, whatever you wish to call it, is the pianist. But in this case as the one being my teacher, mentor and attuner, you are the piano… his beautiful music is played and comes to my ears through you. So while I am one billion times appreciative, grateful and loving God for Reiki, I also greatly appreciate the quality of the piano… you.Thank you again and I look forward to a long, meaningful relationship with you. –David

I loved the Distance Healing Tutorial. First, I found the questionnaire useful as it allowed you to gear the exercises to where I was least comfortable and in most need of reassurance and guidance. Second, I found your feedback invaluable as it allowed me to become comfortable with the veracity of what I was sensing on my end. And sending and receiving the KR healings during the crazy post-hurricanes pre-vacation time was also interesting and useful.
While I haven’t started offering distance healing from my websites I do plan to and am more comfortable with my abilities since the tutorial.
Thanks Alice! – Lynda Lippin

See? The best job in the world. I’m grateful every single moment. My cup is overflowing.

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