Emotional Freedom Technique, or “tapping” is a way to release trauma, stress, blocked emotions, and pain through gently tapping specific points which correspond to accupressure or accupuncture points on the body. There are no needles or tools needed, and the process works with the brain and nervous system to create incredible change in the emotions immediately.


EFT has been found to produce effective results treating PTSD. (Click here for the study.) It’s a gentle, non-invasive healing technique that works with the body’s own energy system, nervous system, and brain through gentle taps to restore balance to the emotions, mind, and body.


As a Level 2 Certified EFT Practitioner, I’m ready to help you experience powerful change.



During an EFT session, we’ll meet in my office (or online if you prefer). We’ll talk a little about the areas that you wish to experience relief and change in your life. Then I’ll model the tapping points for you, and you just tap along and repeat my prompts. Sometimes you’ll tap while talking, sometimes in silence. I’ll guide you as we go.

Tapping isn’t psychotherapy, and there isn’t a need to relive any trauma by talking about it; instead, tapping offers the chance to clear the intensity to the point that it’s no longer bothering you.

Just like any treatment, it depends on the imbalances you wish clearing for. Something very complex may require a series of sessions. Something else might be cleared in one session. We’ll be able to figure it out based on our first appointment.

EFT sessions are an hour long. The fee is $100 per session.

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