IADC (Induced After Death Communication) Sessions

Induced After Death Communication or IADC is a new therapy for grief. I have been personally trained in this procedure by César Valdez, LMSW, Associate Director of the International IADC Board.

This innovative therapy has been demonstrated over the past 30+ years to significantly help grieving individuals to dramatically reduce the deep sadness and trauma often associated with the death of someone important to them.

Pioneered in 1995 by former Veteran’s Administration psychologist Dr. Allan Botkin, it’s an adaptation of some of the protocols from a powerfully effective, evidence-based trauma therapy known as EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing).


Dr. Botkin named this method Induced After Death Communication® or IADC®, because in addition to effectively reducing the suffering and trauma of loss, this method has the potential to create a state of mind whereby a healing connection with the deceased may occur. This is referred to as an “after death communication” or ADC.

IADC Therapy generally involves two sessions on two consecutive days. It focuses on reducing the sadness associated with grief by using a modified protocol of EMDR Therapy. Once a greater degree of resolution is achieved, a state of receptivity is then cultivated. In this state, most clients perceive a deep and loving connection with the deceased loved one through one or more of the five senses or through some other sense-of-presence perception.


Clients who undergo successful IADC Therapy report significant reduction of the sadness associated with the death of a loved one. They frequently report resolution of any unsettled issues in the relationship with the deceased, and they report feeling reassured of their loved one’s wellbeing. Perhaps most meaningfully, however, clients report experiencing a deep sense of connection with their loved one and a transformation in feelings of separation.


Many of my clients who are grieving have spoken of their desires to reconnect with their loved one. “If only I could see her one more time.” “If only I could tell him that I love him.” “I just want to know if she’s okay.” “If only I knew he forgave me.” “If only . . .”

This sense of disconnection from the deceased is often at the core of their sadness and despair, along with the desire to complete “unfinished business.” Yet the intense sadness and trauma felt by the grieving individual often interferes with the very connection the mourner yearns for. IADC® therapy helps to overcome this.


When I learned about this incredible therapeutic technique, I knew I had to add this method to my compilation of tools to help reduce my clients’ pain and suffering.


It is with deep gratitude that I’m offering this revolutionary grief relieving therapy. It has the potential to heal profound, ongoing grief and bring deep peace. If you are interested, I’d be honored to assist. If you are curious and would like more detailed information about this method, please contact me.


IADC® therapy is appropriate any time after 6 months past the time of loss. There’s no limit to how many years ago the loss has occurred, if you are still experiencing pain and grief. 

IADC typically involves two 90-minute sessions on consecutive days.



The first day’s focus is on using the EMDR techniques to rapidly reduce the intense anguish, trauma, and “unfinished business” frequently accompanying loss.



On the second day, through the IADC techniques, we cultivate a calm, receptive state. Here, most clients sense their deceased loved one through sight, sound, touch or an overall presence. This provides a profoundly comforting reconnection – the after-death communication.

Yes, a phone screening interview is necessary before scheduling the sessions. I will ask you some questions related to your specific loss, grieving process, and goals. I will also tell you more about the process itself, and make sure that it feels like a good fit for you. 

Extensive research over 30+ years shows IADC to be highly effective. Clients report decreased grief, resolution of unsettled issues, reassurance about their loved one, and above all, the priceless gift of feeling their beloved’s nearness once again.

It’s important that I emphasize that the statistics show that while this therapy results nearly 100% of the time in a dramatic reduction of sadness and trauma related to the death, the after death communication component happens for about 75% of clients during the therapy session. So the odds are favorable. But I want to be very transparent that there are no promises or guarantees that an ADC will happen for you during our appointment time.


Nonetheless, the relief clients usually experience is profound and our work together increases the potential of an after death communication to occur in the future, naturally and organically.

Clients may interpret their profound connections in different ways, but one’s personal beliefs do not impact the effectiveness of IADC therapy. The healing benefits can occur regardless of whether someone views the experience as spiritual, neurobiological, or any other explanation. 


In short, no, you don’t have to believe anything at all in order to experience and benefit from IADC. 

The IADC process requires you to process your sadness. We will be focused on the sensation of sadness, and there will be times in which it feels quite intense, before it reduces and is replaced by peace. You will need to be willing and able to “go there,” to feel your emotions, and allow their expression, during our sessions. It can be tiring, so it is advisable that you engage in rest and self-care afterwards, rather than going to work or some other activity like the gym after our sessions.

IADC includes two sessions, 90 minutes each, one day after the other. That is a total of three hours. We will be doing intensive, emotional, and focused work together, supported by the training that I completed. 

The fee is $275, which includes both sessions, payable upon booking once the screening call is complete.

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