Reiki Healing

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Reiki healing treatments restore balance, increase overall well being, induce relaxation, speed healing, relieve pain, clear toxins, assist meditation, increase intuition and more.

Reiki healing sessions may feel warm, tingly, and intensely relaxing. Most people report feelings of absolute relaxation, peaceful bliss, colors, tingles, or heat. Stress dissolves, pain releases, emotions become lighter. Optimism increases, and you experience a deep sense of well-being.

Reiki sessions are equally effective via distance as in person.

I offer Reiki healing sessions in Gaithersburg, MD. These sessions are 75 minutes in length, and you will relax, fully clothed, on a massage table while I facilitate your Reiki healing session. I will move around you, with a gentle touch or hands hovered above or around your body in certain places. I will share, if you wish, information about the state of your energy as we go, and the meaning of the intuitive messages that I receive during your session.

Here is a video walk-through of a session in my office.

I’ve been spending the last several years taking additional trainings, learning new modalities, new techniques, and adding powerful tools that can help make my sessions even more effective for you. 

Also, I’ve researched and purchased some of the latest technological advances in healing that can enhance the energy work in many ways. Some of them are designed to relieve pain, some increase calm, and others help clear stuck energy. I have these tools in my office.

My aim is to custom-design your session to meet your goals and needs each time. 

Here are some of the physical tools I have available. Don’t worry if you don’t know what they are (though you can Google them for more information). I’m happy to discuss their features with you and recommend any that seem like a good enhancement to your Reiki session with me:

  • TouchPoints
  • Kailo Patch 
  • Flex Beam
  • Amofit S+
  • Chakra Tuning Forks
  • Heated pad of healing stones (on my table, always on for you)
  • Crystals for clearing stuck energy
  • “I’m Outside” grounding essential oil

Here are some of the new certifications and trainings that I’ve taken that I can incorporate into your session to help you release self-limiting beliefs, traumas, negative thoughts, and shift to a more peaceful state of being. I can also teach you how to use some of them yourself:

  • EFT, Faster EFT, Instructional EFT
  • Direct Inquiry
  • Havening
  • MindShifting
  • Fundamental Wellbeing 
  • Picture Tapping

I’ve also added even more 1-minute anxiety-releasing techniques to my toolbox through my ongoing research and studies of the latest developments out there. Finally, I’ve written three more books in the last year – two on developing inner peace, and one on simplifying meditation. There are copies available in my office.

I am excited to share what I’ve learned with you, to help your sessions be even more effective, and arm you with life-improving tools that you can use at home any time you need them. 


At the start of our session, we’ll discuss your goals and challenges, which can help me custom-design your session uniquely for you by choosing specific tools to incorporate into your Reiki session. After we talk, I will suggest what I recommend, and you can decide if you’d like to try my suggestions in your session. It’s always up to you – “Just Reiki” is always an option too!

You can receive Reiki from the comfort of your home! Distance healing is equally as effective as in person. 

If you wish to request healing for any condition, issue, or goal, simply add it into the form when you order the Reiki healing. Once you put your request through, I will prepare your Reiki session within your requested timeframe, and email you complete instructions on how to easily receive your healing energy. Only relaxation and quiet awareness are needed to receive a Reiki healing – meditation and/or intense concentration are not necessary. Intention will activate the healing to start, per my emailed instructions.

In the email, I will also include a summary of my observations of your energy, and any intuitive guidance received during your healing session. This information can be extremely useful and meaningful.

I always welcome feedback regarding the healing session, and the intuitive messages that I share.


The fee for a distance healing session is $50. 

Click here to order a distance healing session. 

Yes! Reiki is very beneficial for all animals, and I offer Reiki sessions in person (at your home), or by distance. 

I’ve had some wonderful results offering Reiki to pets for many reasons, including helping them have stress relief, pain relief, healing support, and even palliative care. I also teach Animal Reiki at Montgomery College, for their Veterinary Assistant Program. 

For an in-person session in your home, please contact me, and tell me about your pet’s needs, and your location. The fee is $100 for an hour plus possible additional travel fee depending on distance.

Distance healing can be scheduled immediately and I’ll respond within 12 hours, usually faster. The fee for a distance healing session is $50. 

Click here to order a distance healing session for your pet. 

 The fee for a 75-minute Reiki session in my office is $125, which must be paid online at the time of booking.

Reiki Session Package Discount: Note: a discount is available for purchasing 5 sessions at a time (Total $500 – Save $125). Book your sessions with the scheduling link below after payment. You can choose the package or single session option with the button below.

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