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The Strategic Advantage of Utilizing a Modern Network Inventory Management Solution

Network assets, such as routers and cables, are a fundamental component of communications services offered to customers. Accurate network inventory therefore is crucial for maintaining reliable and efficient operations. These solutions are responsible for keeping track of all the physical, logical, and virtual components of a network including devices, connections, and network overlays. Yet, not every solution is created equal, and service providers often face inventory challenges. One of the most significant challenges is data quality. High-quality data is essential for building an accurate representation, or digital twin, of the network. When operating with poor-quality data, significant problems can arise including incorrect decision-making, network downtime, re-work, negative customer experiences, and revenue loss.
Reconciling data between the many different sources that contribute to a network inventory data set is a challenge that impacts the quality of data in the network inventory. This can include direct feeds from the devices themselves, network management systems, other OSS/ BSS solutions, and even other databases or data lakes. Without seamless integration, this process


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